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Lynn O'Shaughnessy's College Solution Workshop

Our college planning workshop with Lynn O'Shaugnessy, a nationally recognized expert on making college affordable, will provide a road map that can empower you to make smart decisions on selecting colleges and making them more affordable.

Part I: Making College More Affordable

  • How to tap into the biggest sources of college money.
  • How to increase your chances of winning scholarships from colleges.
  • How to identify the nation's most generous schools.
  • How to use the best tools on the Internet to evaluate schools financially.
  • Why it can be cheaper having two children in college at once than one.
  • Why college savings rarely hurts a family's chances for financial aid.

Part II: Finding the Right Colleges

  • Strategies to increase your child's admission chances.
  • Why affluent teenagers can enjoy an admission edge at many schools.
  • How to evaluate colleges and universities academically.
  • The real truth about college rankings.
  • The real story behind athletic scholarships.
  • About inexpensive SAT/ACT resources

Course Number: EVNT-70011   Credit: 0 units

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There are no sections of this course currently scheduled. Please contact the K-12 College Exploration department at or (858) 534-7385 for information about when this course will be offered again.